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Posted on Oct 2, 2012 in EVENT

Thank You Letter

Dear all friends,

On behalf of the CSAC Executive Committee, I would like to express my deep and heart-felt thanks to all of you who have spent your valuable time amidst this very busy period of academic and work commitment to make the celebration marking the 4th Anniversary of the CSAC such a successful and happy moment together. Your participation, helps with food and drinks arrangement as well as your smile and laughter added a pleasant flavor to the event as a whole. This year celebration saw a moment of happiness and solidarity among students in Canberra, Cambodian embassy official as well as Cambodian residents and friends in Canberra all of which would have not be achieved without the shown commitment from everyone of us during the preparation stage.

I would like to also take this opportunity to acknowledge all the hard works that have been carried out by our committee members since the beginning of our mandate this year until this very moment. All of your efforts in keeping this association alive, helpful and active are unforgettable and are very much appreciated indeed as it serves as a significant catalyst contributing to improving meaningful solidarity among Cambodians in Canberra.

Please help keep this solidarity spirit alive for the sake of a better Cambodia. Together we stand strong with hope and harmony, divided we fall with fragility and disgrace. Our history substantiates a crystal clear verification and strong claim in support of this statement.

I strongly wish and hope that the 5th anniversary next year is also another mark of hope, happiness and solidarity among all of us Cambodians in Canberra.

Yes, we can do it well my friends and we have been proving so!


Bunthan Eang
President of the Cambodian Students’ Association in Canberra
(CSAC), ACT International Student Ambassador,
MA student in Public Policy,
Crawford School of Public Policy,
ANU College of Asia and the Pacific,
M/P: 0410 649 588

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