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Posted on Oct 2, 2012 in EVENT

BON PCHOMBEN 1-14 October 2012

The committee members of Watt Khemararangsi Canberra will hold the traditional festival of Kanben and Pchomben from Monday 1st October 2012 to Sunday 14 October 2012


Sunday 30 September 2012
7:00pm : Gather for the Ceremony
Monday 1st October 2012 until Sunday 14 October 2012
10:30pm : Offerings of food to the monks followed by chanting, blessings and memorial services for ancestors and other friends and family Members who have passed away.

Saturday 13 October 2012.
7:00pm Gather for the ceremony

Please note that Bon Pchom Ben on Monday has been moved back to Sunday 14th October 2012
9:30am : Prayer, chanting, blessing and the teaching of Buddhist principles
10:30am : Placement of rice in special bowls (Monk’s Bowls) to symbolise the tradition of food gathering and offering
11am : Offering of food to the monks followed by remembrance services and closure of the ceremony. This will be followed by lunch for everybody who gathered for this festival.

We hope you can come and join us to cerebrate this festival. This will also be an excellent Opportunity to catch up with each other and to assist us to build our temple by donating generously. All donations gratefully received.
Venue: Watt Khemararangsi 3 Arkell Place, Charnwood ACT 2615, Tele: 02 6259 2205

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