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Posted on Oct 5, 2012 in EVENT

Feedback on the Association’s 4th Anniversary Celebration

On Tue, Oct 2, 2012 at 1:22 PM, sophie dfat <> wrote:

To President, executive committee and its member of the CSAC,

Please convey this message to your association for me, that I would like to praise and congratulate the organisation of the celebration, its members and executive members, president, treasurer, etc… for the wonderful work you had put in to make this happened. I have not attended this gathering for a while, but I thoroughly enjoyed it and it was an excellent opportunity to meet new faces with the new comers, who are khmer like me. Eventhough, I’ve lived here for such a long time I still value my birth country’s culture, my up-bring and keeping in touch with all khmer whenever I can .

As an older khmer generation, you all made me proud to be khmer and I strongly believe that you will do your utmost to help and rebuild Cambodia to its Glorious Day once more. Lets live in hope and try to make it happened bit by bit, be united, cooperate learn to live, understand and work with each other towards a bigger and better Cambodia for the Khmer people.

Our Nation needs you, offer help and educate our people whenever and wherever you can. Be strong and reiable for your own people. Your Nation is as strong as its people. You are the future of our nation so continue your good work. as you have done, but always be practical, feasible and realistic in so doing.

I used to be president of the Khmer Association from Queensland to Canberra for so long and I also used to work as a Counsellor of the Khmer Embassy, I remain committed to keep open my communications with students and the community.Thank you so much for your kind invitation.

With best wishes and will see you soon.

Bong/Ming Sylvie

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