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Posted on Nov 17, 2012 in LIVING

Introduce Cambodian New Students into the Network

Dear all friends,

Please allow me to introduce to you all our new friends from Cambodia who will come to continue their studies here in Canberra in 2013-2014. There will be 11 new students in total from AusAID, who will all be doing their Masters here.

One student will be studying at University of Canberra (UC)
1. Han Phirum (May I ask our UC friends including Va Na, Sireywadh Srw, Ratha Ly, SD Ly, Phanith OR, … to assist him with on-campus or off-campus accommodation nearest to UC?)

And ten students will be studying at the Australian National University (ANU):

2. Oum Chanpanhara (Coming here alone)
3. Lim Hokseng (Alone)
4. Chim Poly (Alone)
5. Chea Sophak (Alone)
6. Keo Tai (With wife joining in later but without children)
7. Kheang Seang Horn (With husband and 2 kids joining later – all kids are < 5yrs)
8. Kuy Mears Samnang (Wife and 2 kids maybe joining later – not sure yet)
9. Lim Sereyroth (Alone)
10.Long Sarou (Wife and one small baby joining later)
11. Srey Socheat (Alone)

Please join me in welcoming them to the group and wishing them all the best for their studies here.

I would strongly encourage you all to help them settle down when they arrived and assist them all you possibly can with what they might need. I’ve already asked Bong Christin to let Long Sarou and Kheang Seang Horn stay the house that I’m currently staying. If Saran moves out from that house next year, then another room will be also available.

Chanroeun, I think if Sokleap is moving out, maybe you can also ask Bong Christin to reserve that room for Keo Tai and inform him accordingly later on.

For the current students who are studying here and the prospective CSAC leading team for 2013, I can not stress enough in strongly and humbly urging you all to help the new students and please maintain this system and practice so that it become a good habit to assist our student society. I do encourage personal network but I really put more value to a system that would work for all students regardless of them being my friends, your friends or whether I knew them before when I was in Cambodia or not.

Remember when you first arrived in Canberra? Please kindly assist them like or even better than when we assisted you. We all are Cambodians and we all are brothers and sisters. To help them, to assist them and to smile and laugh together with them are among our main duties as good citizen of Cambodia.

Congratulations and all the best to our new friends and all of us Khmer students in Canberra!


Bunthan Eang
Cambodian Students’ Association in Canberra (CSAC),
ACT International Student Ambassador,
Master of Public Policy,
Crawford School of Public Policy,
ANU College of Asia & the Pacific,
M/P:  0410 649 588

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