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Posted on Nov 22, 2012 in EVENT

Outcomes of the meeting and election 17.11.2012


Name of the Organisation:    Cambodian Students’ Association in Canberra (CSAC)

Date/Time/Venue:                  Saturday 19/11/2012, from 15:00-17:00 @ Toad Hall, ANU,  Canberra

Purpose of the meeting:         AGM and election of the CSAC 2013 Executive Committee

Chairperson:                              Mr Bunthan Eang



  1. Ms Sokleap Ly
  2. Mr Channy Or
  3. Mr Saran Soeung
  4. Miss Sophorn Yan
  5. Miss Navy
  6. Mr Kimlong Chheng
  7. Mr Panith Or
  8. Mr Ratha LY
  9. Mr Vannak
  10. Mr Chanroeun Pa
  11. Mr Leng Ang
  12. Mr Bunthan Eang
  13. Mr Sothyro Samoeun
  14. Mr Sophal Heang
  15. Mr Sodina Bun
  16. Two guests


Outcomes of the meeting and election

1. in the beginning, Bunthan presented CSAC vision, mission, and main objectives. He also included annual work plan, working on plans and amendments, outcomes of actions, and challenges the Committee faced.

2.      Sothyro summaries keys work and achievements of Association from November 2011 up until November 2012.

3. Q&A: feedbacks and questions from students, what have CSAC achieved, what were good to continue and what shall be improved.

4. Sodina and Bunthan: outlined procedure of election

– Three candidates: presented their qualifications, experiences and vision, likely activities and answered questions from members if any. Note: Candidate Sambath was away in Cambodia, whose letter of express of interests was delivered and shared by Mr Kimlong. His eligibility was accepted by majority of participants.

–  Two students, Mr Kimlong and Ratha, offered their services to be active members for the new Executive Committee


5. Finally, current Cambodian students cast their votes.

With the result of the ballots, We, the Cambodian Students Association in Canberra (CSAC), are delighted to pronounce that

5a. Mr Sambath Bun is the President, and

5b. Mr Saran Soeung is the Vice-President of CSAC Executive Committee, effective immediately up until 30th November 2013 COB. 

 The Association’s mandate is officially handed over to the above new Leaders from now on.


First, I am thankful to all the Cambodian students of the ANU, the UC, the CIT and the guests for your participation and sharing your ideas and comments in the meeting, leading to the election of the new leadership and management of CSAC for 2013. I was overjoyed with your presence and proactive engagements. The overall meeting was very positive, constructive and cooperative, and the election was a success.

Second, my appreciation and thanks to the CSAC Election Committee for planning, working on the Minutes and facilitating the gathering. You have paved the way for continuing students and new coming students. Mission accomplished!

Finally, I look forward to celebrating the 5th anniversary of our Cambodian Students’ Associations in Canberra.


Minutes taken by Sodina Bun, CSAC Student Adviser, Canberra, 22/11/2012

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