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Posted on Nov 22, 2012 in LIVING

Romes wanted

Dear all friends here in Canberra,

If you happen to know any Cambodian families here who own house for rent or if you know any off-campus accommodation here available for new students who are coming to study in Canberra next year, two of the new students who are coming (with family members joining in later) to Canberra still need to secure an off-campus accommodation.

1. Keo Tai, with his wife joining in later (without children)
2. Meas Samnang Kuy, with his wife and two kids joining in later

If they can secure an off-campus accommodation here before the end of this year, they don’t need to pay for a temporary accommodation and can come here straight to off-campus directly.

Please help spread the words so that they can find off-campus accommodation on time as they have to inform university about their decision to stay on or off-campus 5 days before their departure.

(HELP, not because you are a closed-friend but, BECAUSE S/HE NEEDS HELP THAT YOU ARE ABLE TO OFFER).


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