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Posted on Nov 29, 2012 in EVENT

Welcome Dinner for ADS Students

CSAC cordially invites its adviser, former members (president, deputy president, active members and members), and current active members, and members to join a social dinner. This social dinner will be organized to welcome our friends (ADS students) who experience their first occasion in Canberra. They come here to participate in the two day conference “advanced development practice” in ANU.Your present will strengthen a good communication, and it can expand a good network of Cambodian students (a minority group of students in Australian). It can also reveal a culture of hopefulness when there is in need.

To be precised, there will be 12 students including their parents and husband or wife who will join this social dinner. However, they will come by the time the dinner is prepared (7:00pm) because they have to participate in that two day conference.

Dinner venue: 2/7 Bradfield street, downer

Date: 29th November, 2012
When: dinner will be started at 7:15pm

To serve the food and drink for this large number of people, we need volunteers who can come to prepare food and drink. For those who wish to help please come at 3:00pm. Bong Sophea is a cook. Sireywadh and I will be her cook assistant. Sireywadh needs one or two assistants to roast chicken wings and beef.

on be half of the Vice-President of CSAC

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