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Posted on Mar 21, 2013 in EVENT

Khmer New Year Festival & Flower Festival, on Fri & Sat 05 & 06 April 2013, Canberra

We, Buddhist committee and Khmer living in Canberra have decided to organize the Khmer New Year in accordance with our Khmer tradition. During this Khmer New Year, we also wish to organize the traditional Flower festival (Bon Phkar Sarmakee) at which contributions are collected to build the Khmer Buddhist temple (Watt Khemararangsi) of the A.C.T.

Therefore we wish to invite you and your family to participate in this festival. To help make the event a success and to achieve the eight paths to sanctity and receive Buddha’s blessing we encourage everyone to attend and participate in the making of the “Money Flower Tree”.

Festival program
Friday 5, April 2013, 7:00 pm Guests Arrival; after which paying respect to Buddha, Dharma and Monks; preaching the dharma and Reciting protective prayer by Buddhist monks.
Saturday 6, April 2013, 10:00 am Almsgiving 10:30 am offering of food and “Money Flower Tree” to Buddhist monks followed by Buddhist monks praying for the deceased. To finish off the event, the Buddhistmonks will be performing a ceremony at which merit from good deeds is offered to the spirits of ancestors and patrons.

Festival organizers
Buddhist committee, laypeople, and Buddha’s disciples living in Canberra near and far Buddha’s disciples and all merciful patrons.
Note: This festival will be held at Watt Khemararangsi 3 Arkell Place Charnwood ACT 2615 and on Saturday there will be food offering to all participants, a ceremony of “Boon Phnom Ksach”, “Srong Phras” and Cambodian Traditional games
For more information please contact Mr. Pheakdei Ok on 04 1058 3429.

3 Arkell Place, Charnwood, ACT 2615, Australia
T: (02) 6259 2205 | F: (02) 6276 8339
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