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Posted on Jun 24, 2013 in EVENT

Welcome and farewell party financial report

On 15th June, 2013, CSAC executive committee and its current members
organized a small party to congratulate graduated students, and this event also welcomed a student to Canberra at the student International House, University of Canberra (UC). There were about 40 attendees. Some was residents, and others were current and former students at both University of UC and Australian National University (ANU).

CSAC president (Mr. Sambath Bun) gave a short speech to welcome and congratulate graduated students (Sophorn Yan, Sokleap Ly (absent) Bunthan Eang (Absent)) and a new comer (Mr. Samruol Im) as well as to the participants. Sambath updated CSAC’s annual plan, and its half successful achievement during the past eight months (Nov, 2012 to June, 2013) including CSAC’s activities and academic sharing session. Sambath mentioned that CSAC applied for the formal recognition as one of the student association in ANU, and finally it was accepted by this university.
This was a good opportunity for CSAC to obtain some benefits such as small grant in order to organize some of CSAC’s events. As result of this registration, ANU granted a $200AUD for the CSAC’s welcome and farewell party.

During this small event CSAC executive committee spent a total of $276.62 AUD for food and refreshment. The individual participants (only students) shared $10AUD for this event; however, there were some other Cambodian residents and the Australian (Mr. Aron) also contributed their fund to this party. Some Cambodian residents shared a $10 AUD, but the other shared $50AUD (Mr. Seiha). Because contribution could cover all the expenditure during this party, the CSAC executive committee decided to keep the ANU’s small grant for the next activities.

Additionally the participants also donated some money for a Cambodian social worker (Mr. Vorn Poa) for his special treatment in Thailand. The collected donation was about $185AUD (include some US dollars), and it was given to Loukrou Chanroeun Pa who managed this donation.


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