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Posted on Nov 14, 2013 in EVENT

CSAC 5th Anniversary Celebration

It has been for a while that we haven’t caught up for simply sharing joy owning to individual study burden. Even though we are in such busy time we can show our pleasure and happiness as we had done some certain activities. Now, we can share our cheerfulness by gathering and organizing two main events: a presidential election, and anniversary. Therefore, Cambodian Student’s Association in Canberra (CSAC) wishes to gently invite its members, and Khmer communities to these two activities. These two events will consecutively hold on 16, November 2013 at a common room, International house, University of Canberra (UC).

As eligible voters are set to be the existing students in Canberra, and the presidential election will commence at 4:30pm, CSAC courteously invites all Cambodian students to witness pre-election debate. Candidatures will exchange tough decision of how he/she is capable of taking over a term of the CSAC’s presidency. With this witnessing, eligible electors can cast their vote to the right candidacy. Even though this election poll is only suitable for students all participants are welcomed to experience these ever tough debate and election process. I am pretty sure you will experience something differences.

Immediately after the election, the celebration of anniversary will commence with food and refreshment already for all participants. As food is required to be prepared, we seek for some volunteers who can help out there to prepare these food and refreshment. Those who wish to give their hands be please ready to contact bong Panith. For catering purpose please contact me.

Our culture is coherent and supportive as we always experience, so your presence in these two events can inevitably demonstrate this core value. One can do little, together can do much!!!


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