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Posted on Nov 17, 2013 in EVENT

Outcomes of 2013 Presidential Election



Name of the Organisation: Cambodian Student Association in Canberra (CSAC),

Date/Time/Venue: Saturday 16th November 2013, 17:30-18:30 @ “Glass House”, University of Canberra.

Purpose of the meeting: 2013 Presidential Election, Heads of CSAC Executive Committee

Facilitator and Minutes-Taker: Sodina Bun

Formal announcement of election date, and guideline for voters and candidates

1. It is important to note that on 10th October 2013 CSAC informed current Cambodian students and alumni officially and publicly about election date. The official guideline for voters and candidates was issued; it contained voting eligibility, candidacy criteria, voting system, as well as CSAC’s Vision, Mission, Objectives, organisational structure and leaders’ roles.

Outcomes of the meeting and election:

2. In the open-door meeting, current Cambodian students in Canberra were given equal opportunity to become presidential candidates. All candidates provided speeches and answered to queries from eligible voters. Finally, current students cast their votes freely.

3. With the result of the ballots, We, the Cambodian Student Association in Canberra (CSAC), are delighted to pronounce that

3a. Ms Sereyroth Lim, is the President,

3b. Mr. Socheat Srey, is the Vice-President, and

3c. Mr. Somalux Ek, is the Vice-President; are the heads of CSAC Executive Committee, effective immediately (17th November 2013, 9:00AM) up until 30th November 2014 COB.

4. The Association’s mandate is officially handed over to the above new Leaders from now on.

5. End.

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