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Posted on May 31, 2010 in EVENT, Miscellaneous


Organization       : Cambodian Students Association, Canberra (CSAC)
Date                        : 22 May 2010
Time                        : 2:30pm to 4pm
Venue                      : Australian National University (ANU), Canberra, Australia


  1. Chanda Keo, Steering Committee member (SC)
  2. Kimchoeun Pa, Steering Committee member (SC)
  3. Chanreoun Pa,  President, Executive Committee (EC)
  4. Sodina Bun, Treasurer and IT Coordinator, Executive Committee (EC)


1.     EC report to SC documents information and cash received from the previous EC.

2.     Main actions that EC have been taken until now with results and key challenges

3.     SC and EC address and discuss key challenges the CSAC are facing and identify strategies to handle these issues

4.     Discussion on future activities and schedule of CSAC

Main actions that EC have been taken until now with results and key challenges

– Assisting new Cambodian students and members in their first settlement in Canberra

– Maintaining and regularly updating the Cambodian Students Association website

– Involving with the Khmer Community/Buddhist Temple in Canberra on the special social, cultural and religious events

– Initiating Khmer Studies Group and Information dissemination

– Providing academic support and free of charge scholarship consultation services to Cambodians who are looking for scholarship and planning to pursue their studies in Australia.

– Promoting Khmer Culture in the ANU Community (Multicultural Night)

– Building network with other associations and communities in the ANU, UC and other organization such as the Centre for Southeast Asian Studies (ANU), the Association of Asian Studies in Australia, IDP-Phnom Penh Office, the Royal Cambodian Embassy in Canberra

– Working on the Guidebook for new Cambodian students

– Sports and other recreations

Future activities and schedule of CSAC

While CSAC SC and EC believe that these services are important for Khmer students as a whole and should be focused on, we admit our individual study load and limited numbers of team players. CSAC attentions and limited resources will shift to the following:





A meeting with students Report details of CSAC activities and seek feedback from students. Date is TBA.


Create a scholarship advisory team. CSAC explored some potential services for students in regarding to scholarship: possible ways to increase numbers of scholarship available for Cambodians, feasible approach to collect available scholarships and related information, ways of improving applicants chances of winning a scholarship, and preparing before commence study in Australia.

This team is to be run on as a trail and learning basis. The learned lessons will be presented and be decided on its continuity in a meeting.


Pay the Cambodian embassy a visit Possibly in mid June 2010.


CSAC anniversary gathering The gathering will be held, possibly on 07/08/2010. Note: 08/08/2008 was determined as the date CSAC officially affiliated


Compile a Guide Book for new Students TBA


Next general election The season will start in the early October 2010

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