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Posted on Jun 2, 2010 in Miscellaneous, STUDY

Cambodian Scholarship Advisory Team (CSAT)

Building human resource is one of the most important aspects to the development of Cambodia. International education would contribute immensely to the fast development of Cambodian human capital. Unable to afford to support themselves for international study, most Cambodian students require scholarships. Seeking a scholarship to study abroad is a great challenge to Cambodians due to various reasons. Many do not know how to look for available scholarships. Although they do, many would simply do not meet the award criteria. More ironically, many of those who meet the criteria may not know how to be successful in their efforts to win the offers. All these narrow Cambodians’ chance for overseas education.

If one had an opportunity to study abroad, s/he should do something to help other(s) to enjoy the same opportunity. Cambodian intellectuals should create other Cambodian intellectuals. Having such philosophy in mind, the Cambodian Student Association in Canberra (CSAC) under the guidance of its Steering Committee will establish a “Cambodian Scholarship Advisory Team (CSAT)” to assist “Cambodian” scholarship seekers. For more details

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