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Posted on May 10, 2012 in EVENT

Annual Multicultural Event at Toad Hall

Dear All,

As you might already know that the Annual Multicultural Event at Toad Hall this year will be held on 12 May 2012.
On behalf of the students residing in Toad Hall,  I would like to invite you to join and celebrate the event representing our Khmer culture. The event will officially start at 5.30 pm and might end around 7 or 7.30 pm.
This year, we will not have any performance. What we will be doing is having a stall like in previous years with food and dessert. The stall will serve as a place to represent our culture, therefore, we would need to decorate it with materials representing our culture, for example, carved wood or picture of Angkor Wat, traditional clothes, craftsman,…. Having mentioned this, I would like to take this opportunity to ask for your kind contribution in making this stall really represents our Khmer culture. You can contribute by sharing what you have which can represent Khmer culture as in the example I just mentioned. You can give those materials to Sambath ( Sambath will be acting as Coordinator for the event and if you have time, please come and help decorate the stall from 3 to 5 pm on 11 May 2012, one day before the event. Those materials shown during the event will be returned to you after the end of the event.
Please kindly help spread this message also to our Cambodian students and friends whom I might have missed.
With regards,
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