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Posted on Nov 6, 2009 in LIVING

Rental Accommodation in Canberra

Make sure you have accommodation upon arrival in Australia. Do not expect to find something on the first day you arrive. 

Here are listings of budget and temporary accommodation.

Click here for an external site with a range of hotel accommodation to suit all price ranges.

Finding on campus accommodation

Please contact your university or visit its website for details

Finding off campus accommodation

It may take up to 4 weeks to find suitable rental accommodation. Students with partners and families especially should allow themselves enough time to find accommodation before classes begin. Also, remember to dress as if you were attending a job interview, first impressions do count, and prospective landlords like to feel confident that their property will be looked after.

Before looking at accommodation do visit The Tenant’s Union this is a wonderful resource about renting in the ACT.  And review its checklist of things to consider when looking at private rental accommodation. A guide to your rights and responsibilities as a tenant, property owner or real estate agent. Information booklet about the Residential Tenancies Act 1997…

When looking for rental properties consider the following:

Renting options:

Shared house, Private board, Apartment, and homestay

Price vs. Location:

You may pay less in rent if living a long way from campus, however, then you need to  factor in travel time and transport costs.


There are public bus services (Action) in Canberra. Consider the distance and frequency of buses as certain suburbs may be farther but have frequent operations that shuttles you to the City, close to university. Bus routes and timetables between your desired home and City can be found at

View Google Map

What is provided (furnished vs.. unfurnished):

An unfurnished home may be cheaper but the set up cost can be high, possibly totaling to AUD 3000, as well as time consuming.

Shopping and Groceries:

Malls are situated in town centres like Civic, Belconnen, Woden and Tuggeranong, while smaller convenient stores are found in many other suburbs closer to home.

Internal Sites:

These are some privately owned accommodation alternatives available for students.


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National Australian University (ANU). Rental Accommodation in Canberra

University of Canberra. Off-Campus Accommodation

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